It’s all about influencing behaviour change at scale. We’re experts at applying the kind of influence that shapes perception and drives action, whether it’s one-to-one or with large-scale audiences. Simply put: we get target A to think, say or do B in order to benefit our clients.

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Who We Are

Beycom was set-up by a team of experienced individuals who have worked in marketing and media sector for over 10 years specialising on the African continent.

Beycom offers expertise in key areas of communication including: Media Relations, Consultancy, Online PR, Guerilla Marketing, Broadcast Consultancy, Crisis Management, Events, Personal PR, and professional services sectors.

Beycom combines its extensive experience and knowledge in media and communication to create effective media coverage for our clients. Language skills include: English, French and Arabic.

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Our Culture

Behavior is the key to the culture that we believe will drive and sustain our success in the future. Building on the values that have made Beycom what it is today, we focus on the following eight core behaviors that apply for all employees at Beycom: focus on customers, collaborate, take ownership, create opportunities, build trust, engage, communicate effectively, be agile.



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